Stormy Seas Ahead

Here’s a totally new kind of post. It’s not about a project that I have done, but one I want to do. There is a danger in posts like that. Many of us have more projects planned than we could possibly finish in our allotted timespan, and this could just lead to more and more posts about fantasy quilting…

But this pattern I came across recently really is special. And I so want to do it. It’s called ‘Storm at Sea’, and – miraculously – it’s a free quilt pattern, which can be downloaded here:

It’s made entirely with straight seams and yet it looks softly undulating. Here’s an example:

I also think this pattern works well for a limited colour palette:

There are some versions of the quilt out there, in which the optical illusion isn’t as pronounced, and I don’t think they are as successful. When I get to print out my colouring in sheet, I’ll have to experiment how precisely I get a nice wavy design. But first I probably need to finish the quilt I’m currently working on…


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9 Responses to Stormy Seas Ahead

  1. I love this pattern too and it is on my wish list of quilts to complete. Good luck and let us know how you get on.

  2. 😀 I love the Venn diagram analogy. But so true. Love talking to other Quilter’s and seeing how they came to quilting etc.

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