Cosy comfort blanket

I really like making dog blankets. As my own furbabies are catered for in this regard, I was glad to be able to respond to a request that came round on Facebook, which called for dog blankets, beds and toys for a local charity. I’m known as the great upcycler where I live and so had a stash of recyclable fabrics people have given me stored away, as well as a number of pre-cut 4″ squares that I once bought from a charity shop. And so I set to work.

The squares weren’t all that square when I took a closer look, and so I had to slice a little more off to begin with.


Cutting pieces of fabric must be my least favourite job when it comes to patchwork and quilting. It just takes so darn long! Then I got to lay out my now properly square squares to see how many I had and what pattern I could make. There were just enough for a simple checkerboard pattern. Well – one piece was missing, so I ended up improvising a bit, as you shall see…


Sewing them all together was a breeze.


I then added borders so that the blanket would have a decent size.The fabric I used for the borders was taken from an old curtain – quite tough material that should withstand little doggy teeth – at least for a bit.


I followed Ruth Jensen’s video tutorial on making mitred borders. It’s easy enough and looks so much better.


And here’s my little JRT Deri wanting to give the blanket a trial run at basting stage. I used an old fleece blanket as batting and more of the blue curtain fabric as backing. As this was a quick and easy blanket, and as I figured that the dogs were unlikely to judge me, I quilted it by stitching in the ditch. The binding could also have been neater (ahem) but it serves its purpose.

And here it is. It’s about 1 by 1 metre in size, and both tough and cuddly at the same time.



I gave it to my dogs to try…

img_3553 fullsizerender-4

I think they approve…




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