screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-09-54-58I don’t know if it was the promise of winter bleakness, but something drew me to this mad neon multi-coloured wool. What fantastic colours… I’d certainly not get lost wearing stuff made from them!

In the end I bought two balls of the wool on the far left & set to work.

Originally I’d wanted to make socks, but realised halfway through the first cuff that I’d slightly miscalculated the number of stitches. Meaning, those socks would be very tight, indeed! So I changed my mind and made a pair of gloves instead. My previous ones were looking a bit tatty anyway…



And here they are. I can’t remember where I got my pattern from. I’ve been making gloves since I was a teenager, and no longer actively think how to make them. They make a quick project, not overly complicated, but a trifle fiddly. A YouTube tutorial on making gloves can be found here, although I think the pattern needs to be purchased. If you fancy giving this a go, but are a bit intimidated by the fiddly fingers, you could start by making fingerless gloves (patterns here; or here).

When I’d finished the gloves, I cast on the correct (!) numbers of stitches this time to make a pair of socks.


This is why I love knitting. I can sit there, with my dogs cuddled up to me & work on my project. I was taught sock-knitting at school. Yes, it was an all-girls’ school, and yes, we were taught by nuns. Most of my schoolfriends have probably forgotten this skill, but I’ve kept going, making numerous pairs of socks over the years. One thing I never got the hang of, though, was turning the heel the way we were taught. And if you were thinking that there is just one method to turn the heel – oh no, there are plenty to choose from…

We were taught to make the ‘gusset heel‘ at school, but mine always ended up looking different. The nun who taught our craft class would sneer slightly at my second-rate heel, but it worked for me. This time, though, I thought I’d do it properly, having seen this German-language tutorial. It’s worth watching for the lovely Austrian accent of the lady in the video alone…


Tadaaa… finished my first sock. Deri is looking distinctly unimpressed. Maybe he doesn’t like me sticking my feet under his nose just so I can take a picture… Just a thought…

And here’s the finished ensemble…


Luminous or what? My heels have turned out well, but, despite my teacher’s views, I think I may go back to my old heel, which was not only simpler but also fit much better. And another method to explore: knitting socks from the toe up! So many socks, so little time…



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