Luminosity #2


My. How very athletic I look. And all to show the three elements of my Luminosity collection (!) in one picture: socks, fingerless goves and beanie! I’ve posted about the socks and the gloves before, so here’s how I’ve made the beanie.


I didn’t have a circular knitting needle in the right size, so I decided to knit my beanie on double-pointed needles. I also thought that it might be fun to knit it bottom up. As you see, the beginning looks a lot like a knitting needle balancing trick. I started off with four stitches on each needle. Yes, that means that my beanie has a hole at the top. The hole is closed when the yarn is darned in.

I then added two stitches on each needle (after the first and before the last stitch) every second row which creates a nice pattern, as you can see below.


This way, the beanie acquires a bit of a tip. If you want to increase stitches more rapidly, you can increase two stitches in every row instead.

After the right number of stitches has been assembled, you simply knit up and up and up. What is the right number of stitches? Easy: measure the circumference of your head. Then measure all stitches on one needle and multiply this number by four. If the first measurement (your head) and the second (your hat) come together, you’ve got the right number of stitches. Also bear in mind how exactly you want your beanie to fit. Are you aiming for a slouch fit? Add a few more stitches. Do you want a tight fit? Make sure that your hat measurement is slightly less wide than your head. Knitting stretches.

When are you done? Again, this depends on what kind of beanie you want. If you want a slouch fit, knit up at least 20 cm or more. For a tighter fit, measure your head down from crown to ears and add a couple of cm to be sure. Or you could simply measure a beanie that you like and work from that.

I added 6 centimetres of two knit, two purl stitches, so that the beanie would fit nicely around my head.

img_4310  img_4312

As you see, I’ve still got to close the hole at the top. If I feel like it I may just add a tiny bobble. I think I’ve got enough *luminous* wool left.


Loving it. It’s nice and warm, but not too warm. The weather forecaster said this morning that we were in for a cold spell. Can’t wait!


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