When is a pair of jeans not a pair of jeans?

Answer: when it is a skirt.

Come again?

Ah, you see I’ve been up to my upcycling tricks again. Locally I’m known as the great upcycler, and so regularly get given cast-off clothes to play with. This time, my bag of delights included a pair of jeans that looked pretty decent. Pretty decent, indeed.


It would look even better as a skirt, I thought. That way I could save the legs and make something else from them. Probably little storage containers us Germans refer to as ‘Utensilos’, or utensile containers. ‘Stuffie’ is my preferred translation: a container that contains stuff. But more of that anon.

Back to my skirt. There’s a whole barrage of tutorials online of how to turn jeans into a skirt: the reason being that it’s so darn easy. Essentially, you cut open the inner seam, sew a straight line down the front and back and you’re done. Here are a few tutorials: About Home tutorial, The Balance tutorial, and Izzy MEIMsaab’s tutorial (you might also check out her tutorial on how to turn a pair of jeans into a snazzy bag).


First of all I determined the overall length my skirt was going to have by the simple means of putting the jeans on and drawing a line on one of the legs. Having added seam allowance, I cut off the legs. I also opened up the central seam until I got to the zip.


First I turned my attentions to the back seam. You can see how the back legs flare out at the back. All this needs to be cut off. You’re aiming for a vaguely straight line from upper seam all the way down. You can angle your seam for a more flared-out look.


I sewed a straight seam but added some top-stitching just for the hell of it.


At the front I elected to keep the ‘flared out’ bit as a feature. I placed one piece of fabric on the other and sewed along the old stitch lines. I then hemmed the lower seam with my overlocker to stop it fraying and sewed a straight seam, taking care that the shape of the garment is slightly curved at the bottom.


And, having experimented with free-motion stitching in another project, I’m now addicted and have to try it out everywhere. So I drew a few doodles just for fun. I’m definitely having to work on my technique here, but only practice makes anywhere near acceptable. 🙂

Here’s the finished skirt:

img_4255  img_4261

One of the main reasons I made it is that I absolutely adore wearing leggings. And what better to combine them with than a short denim skirt…

Now for those Utensilos/Stuffies…


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