Mamma Mia

I don’t even know what made me write that headline. The sheer horror of the song probably. Or the musical. Gah. There is a connection, though, if only tenuous. I recently made a bag called ‘Mia’ and now want to gush about it because I’m really quite pleased about it.


This is it. It’s a fairly large bag with inner pockets that might make a good companion to go shopping with. Or carry your library books. The pattern is free (yay!) and can be downloaded from the Pattydoo website. The pattern itself is bilingual (German and English), but the accompanying tutorial is in German only. Time to brush up your language skills! There is a short German-language video tutorial, which may help with some of the steps.

My bag itself is fairly simple in style. I used herringbone denim for the outer fabric, red zippers for contrast and a delightfully whimsical cotton print fabric for the bag’s ‘insides’. I used two layers of medium iron-on interfacing to give the denim fabric the necessary stability.

The bag is fairly straightforward to sew, but you do have to follow all the steps correctly – otherwise you’ll end up doing quite a lot of swearing as I did. I’m not going to describe all the steps here – I’d only duplicate the description on the pattern.

I’m just going to post a few more pretty pictures – taken on a not so pretty day…



fullsizerender   fullsizerender-3

Now that I’ve worked out how to make this bag, I’m tempted to immediately make another one. And as this one is a gift, I might just do that…



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3 Responses to Mamma Mia

  1. ftmmax says:

    Love Mia. My new “I don’t need my backpacj today”-bag. Thank you so much, again! Hugs!!!

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