Men have a conflicted relationship with bags, I find. While only a fool gets between a woman and her handbag, men are wont to stuff their indispensables (keys, wallet, phone) into their clothes pockets and then have to ask others to carry any additionals (books, e-readers, hats, and goodness knows what the modern man carries around with him). Hence the arrival of the manbag. For a few years now, carrying a bag around has not been as shameful as it once undoubtedly was. Not that I know a great deal about it. All I know is that manbags come in muted colours and in a design that screams ‘practical’. Which is where the Mia bag comes in.


For a description of the steps to make this terrific bag, you’ll need to get the Pattydoo pattern. It’s free (yay!) and, for the moment, it’s only available in German. It comes with an additional bag at the front, as you can see. I’ve added a small bag at the back, which is just big enough for your keys. I went back to So Sew Easy’s tutorial for the inner bag.


The lining is made from upcycled men’s shirts.

img_4536  img_4539

I rather liked the idea of incorporating the button-down front in my design. To begin with I sewed down it, though, so that it wouldn’t open inadvertently. The breast pockets now double up as added internal pockets.


The pattern also includes this neat zip, which protects all your valuables.

After making two of these bags for friends, I’m now thinking of making one for me. But, given that this is me we’re talking about, it’ll probably be bright red. Orange. Pink. And purple. All at the same time.



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  1. ftmmax says:

    I do love my manbag! 🙂

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