Was lange währt…

… wird endlich gut. In English: ‘A happy outcome is worth waiting for.’


It’s one of those phrases that tumble effortlessly from my lips when what I really mean is: ‘Why the heck did this take me so long?’

Many, many moons ago, I bought a good deal of fabric with the idea of making six tea-towels. Nothing much to them – just binding and perhaps a little bit of appliqué. I posted about the first three teatowels here. Then some time elapsed before I got round to making teatowel number four (second post).

And then things truly got ridiculous. I thought about trying different appliqué. I looked on some websites. I even managed to print off some nice shapes. But sooo many other projects urgently needed doing, and so, like a hapless NHS patient due for an elective operation, my teatowels kept being bumped back to the bottom of the queue.

Until yesterday. Yesterday, I couldn’t stand the accusing presence of my pre-cut, ready-for-sewing fabric any longer.


I simply put binding around the edges (not forgetting a little loop, so that my teatowels can be hung up), and was done.

And very proud of my new teatowels I am, too. This fabric is wonderful – it beats other fabrics by being truly absorbent and soft to the touch. With these teatowels, drying crockery really means drying crockery, not just spreading wetness around.

I’ve no idea what took me so long. But here we are: all’s well that ends well.




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