More news from the soxta..

Ouch. I really need to think of a new moniker. It might catch on and that would be truly embarrassing.

But the sock mania continues apace. I’ve now made 5 pairs, and can make a further two, as I’ve had some wonderful sock yarn for Christmas. Yay!


The wonderful, madly coloured Mille Colori yarn I used for a previous pair (see post here) really isn’t that great for socks. What it lacks is that all-important ingredient: plastic. In other words that crucial few per cent of nylon or polyamide that makes your socks last. The yarn above is by the same brand, but it is sock yarn, and, boy, do you notice a difference!


If you’re used to Regia or other sock yarns, the yarn does require some getting used to, as it consists of strands of different colours, which are loosely twisted together. But this means that the colours fade into one another, giving a beautiful effect.

Here’s my finished sock.


I’d contemplated a more involved pattern, but I think an understated, simple pattern like this cable pattern, allows the colours to shine better.

Here I’ve finished the second sock.


They’re wonderfully warm and comfortable, and, so far, there’s no sign of wear and tear, or (the horror) holes. I’m looking forward to producing more socks with the remaining two balls of wool. But perhaps 5 pairs of socks really are the limit for now. For this month at least.


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