Getting it right

Sometimes you make something and it’s just not quite right. You’re sort of satisfied with it, but something about it is subtly wrong.

img_0140So it was with me and this crocheted cardigan that I made last year. Blimey – last year! How time flies… I liked the colours. I liked the yarn. I liked the design with raglan sleeves. I liked the fit. And yet – I very rarely wore it. It just didn’t go with any of my stuff.

So what to do? As I found myself idly browsing cardigan patterns, it hit me. It was the frilly-looking front. It just wasn’t me. My wardrobe is more ‘sporty’-looking than ‘feminine’, if by ‘feminine’ we mean frilly things, soft and clingy things, lacy stuff, ribbons and trims and so on. Ok, so I do sometimes wear skirts, but they are made of denim, and I do sometimes wear dresses, but they are jersey skater dresses. You see what I’m driving at.

I managed to resist the temptation to simply begin another project, and decided to do something we crafters rarely do once we’ve finished something. I (shock-horror) unpicked the frilly front.


And then I picked up the stitches and began knitting a plain front. Yes, I mixed knitting and crochet! And this time I added enough buttonholes, so that the cardigan could be closed.

Once I got going, I realised that this was going to look soo much better. And since my new design used up less yarn, I found I had some to spare. So, I added cuffing at the waist and sleeves.

The finished article looks like this.

Occasionally, it’s good to undo one’s work to make something better. This cardigan suits my style so much better than the previous version – and not many changes were required. I’ve begun wearing it – indeed, in the current cold snap, I’ve hardly taken it off.

And the moral of the story is: if at first you don’t succeed… don’t just start a new project. Go back to your piece and see if you can make small but significant changes so it becomes what you really want. You’ve spent so much time, materials, and money on it already – you might as well turn it into a success.



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