Sofa Throw: the saga continues

Looking through my archive, I’m flabberghasted to discover that I posted about my Sofa Throw in June 2016. June! 2016! How time flies when you have other things to do…

It’s still just about winterish outside, although it did briefly feel like spring over the weekend. I live in hope. Meanwhile, I’m making an extra effort to finish my Sofa Throw, simultaneously cwtshing down under it, while carrying on crocheting.


I’ve finished and sewed together four crocheted strips, all of varying width. As you can see, the stripes are pleasingly irregular. The blanket uses seed stitch (alternating double and treble crochet stitches).

But the best thing about this cosy blanket is that it is so very warm. The wool originates from the good people at New Lanark (have a look in their fantastic shop: The wool comes in wonderful natural colours. It is not overly treated and can feel a bit scratchy and tough, although it loosens up a bit when you’ve washed it. I’ve seen it described as ‘rustic’, which describes it well. It’s real wool. I personally can’t wear it on bare skin, but have made a jumper from it, which I love in combination with a long-sleeved cotton t-shirt. And it’s the perfect yarn for blankets and throws.

Currently, I’m engaged on the final strip. I may add a border if I feel adventurous.



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