What do you say when it’s the weekend, you look out of your window, and you see this?



Everything about this weather is just pants. It’s not really raining, it’s not really dry, it’s not really cold, it’s not really warm. You can’t see anything much. Bah. It’s Swansea rain with bells on.

So what to do with the day? Sew some underpants, of course.

After much trial and error I’ve finally come up with two patterns that produce pants that really fit. The first type are low-rise shorts based on the free ‘Eve’ Panty-pattern by Pattydoo. As usual, a detailed video tutorial accompanies this free pattern, which, if you’ve not started sewing yesterday, should be intelligible to everyone even if you don’t speak German. The only amendment I made to the pattern was lengthening the gusset a little. I also sew in elastic around the leg openings, too, not just the waist, as I find the pants fit a little bit better then.


The second pattern I – drum roll! – created all myself, after having eyeballed the Pattydoo pattern closely, and after having sacrificed a pair of my elderly M&S high leg ‘bikini’-type knickers as a template.

I quite like the shorts-type knickers, but ultimately find the bikini-type more comfortable. But the best thing about either type is that you get to use up your fabric scraps.

And they’re so quick to make. Cutting up the fabric takes almost longer than sewing them…

I sew the front, back and gusset pieces together with my overlocker, which takes no time at all. The only slightly tricksy bit is sewing the elastic on. For a step by step guide, have a look at the Pattydoo video tutorial. For you monolingual English-speakers, check out this English-language tutorial.


For these knickers I chose neon-pink fancy elastic for the waistband and simple, no-nonsense elastic for the leg openings. I’ve found that the sewing elastic over the gusset and then turning the fabric over to sew the second row of stitches is difficult as the different edges and sewing allowances create quite a bit of bulk. I may need to experiment further with cutting into one side of the gusset to reduce fabric bulk.


And here we are. As the darkness of the afternoon drew in, I’d finished my knickers. The top pair uses the shorts-pattern from Pattydoo and the bottom one uses my own bikini-pattern. A pants sort of a day turned into one for making pants.

And no, the weather didn’t improve. The dogs and I got utterly soaked on our afternoon walk. Pants! 🌧


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2 Responses to Pants!

  1. ftmmax says:

    Fab, as always! Do you think I could sew them without an overlock sewing machine? Cheers!

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