UFO no more!


I’ve done it! I’ve finished my crocheted blanket. I can’t even remember when I started it. I do relish projects that you can really get your teeth into. Projects that are long and demanding in a non-demanding way. Meaning you’ve got to commit, but they’re not that difficult to do and thus hugely enjoyable. A bit like a Victorian novel. But it is also very satisfying, indeed, when you’re finally crocheted your last stitch.

This blanket ended up having an evolving design. I wanted strips of equal length, but varying width with different but similar colour combinations. One colour would dominate in each strip. And the unifying principle was that I was using seed stitch all the way through. The reason why I chose to do strips that had to be sewn together was that they’re much easier and quicker to do than the virtually never-ending rows on a largeish blanket. It is good to make some visible progress of an evening, even if the project will only be finished in the dim and distant future.

The yarn comes from the good people at New Lanark Woollen Mill. It’s a double knitting yarn, which comes in a range of natural colours. I love their wool. It’s very woolly wool, if you take my meaning. It still seems to smell of sheep (although it doesn’t). It can be slightly scratchy when worn against bare skin, but it is perfect for a blanket.

IMG_5462As you can see, the dogs like it just as much as I do.

IMG_5460This picture shows what is so wonderful about this wool: it is the magnificently rich and complex nature of the colours. And adding a simple border unified the whole design, I thought.

IMG_5475And here it is, in situ. If spring holds a few more cold nights in store for us, I’ll snuggle up under it…


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