Sunny, summery socks

The sun is out. I’m almost holding my breath as I write this, so as not to jinx it. But, unquestionably, the sun is out and suddenly spring is in the air. I have a rather Pavlovian reaction to sunny weather: I immediately cast about for things to wash as nothing’s better than fresh-smelling clothes from the clothesline. The other thing I do is bathe my face in sunlight and think about summer.

Which is where summer socks come in. Over the winter months, I spent some weeks in a sock-making whirl (see post 1, post 2 and post 3), and I’m glad to report that most of the socks I made bore up reasonably well (except the ones made in Lang’s Mille Colori Baby yarn – that’s not sock wool and thus not recommended) and kept my feet warm. Now that I’m eager for spring, I want, nay need, socks in a cotton-blend yarn.

Enter this wonderful yarn:


The strands of cotton of this yarn encase a polyester thread and so this yarn should hold up to wear and tear. It’s also slightly stretchy, and it has beautiful colours. What’s not to like?


I thought I’d try a simple cable pattern – one with three ‘strands’ rather than two, which give a braided effect.

And here’s the finished article. The colours are bright and summery. The pattern is unostentatious, which means it works well with the self-striping effect of the yarn.

Added to that, the socks are lovely to wear: soft, springy, and cool to the touch. But they are also warm enough to keep my feet temperate once the sun goes down.

After having finished my first pair, I found that there is probably enough yarn left to make another sock. And as I don’t yet possess a third leg, I made my way back into our lovely local yarn shop and bought some more yarn. I foresee another sock-making spree…



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