New dog lead

Every time I go to the pet supplies shop, I end up looking at the dog leads. Not that my dogs aren’t exceptionally well equipped already. But somehow dog leads, harnesses and collars have that effect on me. Thankfully, I’ve hitherto been able to resist – partly because the leads on offer are nice, well-made and colourful, but also just a tad boring-looking.

The kind of doggy equipment I like has the kind woven ribbon sewn onto it that you see in my picture above – something to make the lead stand out a bit. But you can’t get that sort of thing easily in the shop – not in the shop where I buy my pet supplies, anyway. And maybe that’s a good thing because now I’ve made my own and it is SO easy.


  • some webbing (2cm in my case)
  • some woven ribbon (1.5cm in my case)
  • a clip (I re-used a clip I’d saved from an old lead that I’d thrown out)

I wanted the lead to have an overall length of about 1.20 metres as I find the 1 metre leads give my dog virtually no room to explore. That meant that the webbing and the ribbon measured roughly 1.50 metres, taking into account the little bit of extra material needed for the loop. Don’t forget to singe off the edges of the nylon/poly webbing after you’ve cut off the desired length to stop it fraying.


The first thing to do is to attach the ribbon to the lead. I quite like that the webbing is wider than the the ribbon as the edges would have looked a bit untidy otherwise.

Next you fold over the very edge of the webbing about 2cm inwards and then about 5cm inwards again. Then you insert the clip into the second fold and sew over the three layers of material that you’ve just created. I tend to go over the material several times, drawing an x-in-a-box to really connect the layers well. This lead is for an exceptionally small Jack Russell Terrier, but even he can pull.


The final thing to do is to create the loop. Take the other side of the lead, fold the webbing over about 1.5 to 2cm and then fold it over again in as large a loop as you desire (maybe 25cm).


And then sew over it as you did at the other end. And – that’s it. Bravo, well done, you’ve made a log lead. It’s only a simple lead, of course. If you want to make a training lead, I suggest you watch the delightful Pöbelmöpse’s tutorial. Theirs is made with webbing alone, but there’s no reason why you can’t attach ribbon to it.

And here’s my little dog Deri trying on his new lead.


Looking at the pics, I realise that he hasn’t got a matching collar now. Oh dear. I may have to make him one from the webbing and ribbon that’s left over. Accessorise, accessorise… 🙂


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4 Responses to New dog lead

  1. I love it!! There is a pet shop near me that has a line of leads for sale on this idea. They are very expensive. Yours is so much nicer too:)

  2. Love it. Thanks to you, Sami The Wonder Dog will need one of these. Thank you for sharing.

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