Raison d’être

This is an occasional blog about the pleasures of making things. I’m not expert enough to write a ‘how to’ blog, although I try to show my workings, as it were. It depends on whether I remember to take pictures along the way!

Mostly, though, this is a blog about thinking about the value of making things yourself. I like shopping like everyone else, but there is something special about making something yourself. It’s about the pleasure of creating something, of making something truly unique and with love. And it’s about the sense of achievement that stays with you, whereas the buzz of having acquired a new thing usually wears off all too soon. Further, making something yourself is just a teensy bit subversive: it shows that you don’t depend on the capitalist machine throwing stuff at you. Sort of.

The third reason for writing the blog and putting up pictures is so that I have a record of the many and various things I’ve made over the years. And I will post the occasional review of interesting books and other thoughts.

Click on one of the categories above and be inspired. And if you leave comments or engage with me on Twitter, I can be inspired by you.


About the author:

Photo on 03-03-2016 at 13.06 #5I am an academic (teaching English Lit and doing research mainly on Welsh writing in English, Animals in Literature and Detective Fiction) and a translator (English <> German). My house is full of companion animals (two dogs, three cats & some goldfish). The dogs take me out for long walks and when I come home I really enjoy a cup of tea/coffee, some vegan cake and making something or other.

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3 Responses to Raison d’être

  1. Jana says:

    Hi, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! I hope you enjoy (and do not have it yet). I am going to post it tomorrow. So please stop by for all the details. Best wishes, Jana


  2. alycevr says:

    Dear Jana, thanks for the nomination. I don’t really know what the Liebster Award is or what it means, but hopefully you’re going to enlighten me…
    Best wishes,

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