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Happy to be home

About six weeks ago I turned my life upside down & set it down again. But in a different country. Reader: I moved house and country – from Brexit-Britain back to Germany, which I’ve learnt to call home again. Indeed, … Continue reading

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New dog lead

Every time I go to the pet supplies shop, I end up looking at the dog leads. Not that my dogs aren’t exceptionally well equipped already. But somehow dog leads, harnesses and collars have that effect on me. Thankfully, I’ve … Continue reading

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A cardigan made from pure Denim

Come again? Yes, you read that right. I knitted a cardigan out of yarn made from recycled denim: ergo, I’ve got a denim cardigan. Recycled yarns have been around a while, of course, but I’ve never been attracted to what … Continue reading

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Memory, sweet memory

I’ve always thought that the idea of making memory quilts was an excellent one. Clothes are not much good after your baby has grown out of them, or after a beloved person has passed on. But by making a quilt … Continue reading

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Soft blue comfypants

I don’t mind admitting that I like sitting on the sofa. Reading, cwtshing dogs, knitting or sewing – nearly all my favourite activities are done best while sitting somewhere comfortable. I lean back, stretch out my legs, heave a happy … Continue reading

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On the value of making things – slowly

If you’re, like me, a committed crafter, you may have subscribed to a number of online fora in which crafting is discussed. You may receive regular emails from sites like Craftsy, which advertise (online) classes to improve your technique. You … Continue reading

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New year, new bullet journal

Some time last year I gave in to the general craze for making bullet journals. If you haven’t come across these before, here are a couple of introductory video clips (clip 1 and clip 2) that explains what bullet journals are. … Continue reading

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