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Giving something back-scarf

Sometimes things come to an end. And then new things can begin. A little while ago, the mother of a friend died. As with quite a few mother-child-relationships, this one would have had the tagline ‘It’s complicated’ on Facebook. I … Continue reading

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New year, new bullet journal

Some time last year I gave in to the general craze for making bullet journals. If you haven’t come across these before, here are a couple of introductory video clips (clip 1 and clip 2) that explains what bullet journals are. … Continue reading

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Sunny, summery socks

The sun is out. I’m almost holding my breath as I write this, so as not to jinx it. But, unquestionably, the sun is out and suddenly spring is in the air. I have a rather Pavlovian reaction to sunny … Continue reading

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My brand new Bullet Journal

As a bona fide stationery nerd, I knew I would not be able to resist the new trend of creating wonderful & whimsical bullet journals. What’s a bullet journal, I hear you cry? Well, it’s really just posh for diary/journal-notebook. … Continue reading

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On the pleasure of making your own clothes

I’m not sure where it comes from, but I feel particularly satisfied when I’ve made something that I can wear. It doesn’t matter what it is – it can be a pair of socks, gloves, a handknitted scarf or jumper, … Continue reading

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12 Quotes to motivate you to MAKE something

I don’t normally like webpages devoted to inspirational quotes – but there has to be an exception to the rule. Here are 12 inspirational quotations that are sure to get you to get off the sofa and MAKE something! OK, … Continue reading

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